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Reducing Drowning By Half – The Australian Water Safety Council Conference

A draft strategy to reduce drowning deaths in Australia by 50% by 2020 will be revealed at the Australian Water Safety Conference in June. The strategy will be a key focus of the conference with delegates invited to provide feedback on the strategy and its implementation.

“A 50% drowning reduction is a very ambitious goal,” said CEO of Royal Life Saving Society – Australia and AWSC convenor, Rob Bradley. “But we also know that in 1920, more than eight people out of every 100,000 drowned. Adjusted for population, that would mean 1800 people drowning in Australia every year. Yet, right now, we’re close to 300. We’ve come a very long way in that time but we need to keep moving,” he said.

The conference will also address 14 specific goals including the reduction of drowning deaths across specific age groups, the role of alcohol in drowning, high risk areas such as rural properties, surf beaches and home pools; the impact of climate change and extreme weather conditions; lifesaving practice and drowning research.

The Australian Water Safety Conference is open to all interested parties from the aquatics, water safety and related industries.

A call for abstracts and early registration is now underway.

The Australian Water Safety Council (AWSC) was formed in 1998 to provide water safety consultation to government, industry and the community. The council is made up of representatives from lifesaving, swimming, sport and recreation, child protection, farming, marine safety, leisure and government organisations and associations.

The Australian Water Safety Conference will be held on 4–5 June 2012 at the Novotel Hotel, Brighton Beach, Sydney.

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