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Event Schedule - KNG Series Trial

Event times for the 2011-12 KNG Series Trial are listed below. Please note these times are subject to change at the Competition Referee's discretion. We encourage you to check back after 6pm, Friday 26 August for any last minute changes.

PLEASE NOTE: Schedule updated at 5pm, Friday 26 August. Women's heats will now run first on Saturday morning.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Round One

8:00am - Women's Heat One

8:40am - Women's Heat Two

9:20am - Men's Heat One

10:00am - Men's Heat Two

10:40am - Men's Heat Three

Round Two

12:00pm - Women's Heat One

12:40pm - Women's Heat Two

1:20pm - Men's Heat One

2:00pm - Men's Heat Two

2:40pm - Men's Heat Three

3:30pm - Finals startlists released

Sunday, 28 August 2011

8:00am - Women's Final

8:45am - Men's Final

10:00am - Final results announced

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