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SLSA Surf Craft / Surf Boat Compliance Program

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Member Information 

Surf Life Saving has preferred surf craft suppliers who meet specific SLS guidelines under the Surf Craft/Surf Boat Compliance Program.   The program is structured to support both SLS members and manufacturers and ensures that SLS competition equipment is produced to SLSA specifications.

Craft and surf boats that are produced by compliant manufacturers can be identified by the SLSA Compliance Label. Each compliance label has a specific number that is recorded by SLSA and can be traced to a particular manufacturer.

The SLSA specification statement for crafts and surf boats will be available online soon.

Manufacturer Information

How to join the program?

If you are interested in joining this program please download the form below, complete, and submit to SLSA for review, either via post, fax or email. 

Once your application has been reviewed, SLSA will advise you on the next steps in the process.

New Manufacturer Form

Surf Craft Specifications

Surf Boat Specifications

Manufacturing Register

Circular 46/13-14 Clarification on Junior Nipper Foam Surf Boards sold by XCEL Surf Craft

Circular 47/13-14 Update to Specification - Junior Nipper Foam Surf Board

Click the link for the approved manufacturers for season 2014-15