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Store Ordering Page

Please note that the store process has been changed - please read all guidance text carefully prior to placing an order.

Account Holders who have placed an order after 1 August 2014 click here for access to your account.

Please note that courier costs (based on quantity and weight) will be applied to your order prior to invoicing. All orders placed on the store will be invoiced at the end of the next month.

If you have any questions or issues, please email or call Teresa on 02 9215 8000 Wednesday-Friday.

Patrol Shorts and Shirts will be arriving at our warehouse on Monday 22nd December 2014 to be put into our store. All sizes are available from this date.

Orders processed over the weekend and prior to Tuesday 10.00 am 23rd December will be processed out of our warehouse for delivery over the Christmas / New Year Period.

Orders processed after 23rd December – 5th January 2015 will go through to SLSA website but won’t be sent to our warehouse until 5th January for processing.

Update on Supply of other items to the Shop:

Patrol Rash Shirts – Long Sleeve – anticipated delivery date to store – early March 2015
Patrol Trucker Caps – anticipated delivery date to store – early March 2015
Patrol Flexi Fit Caps – anticipated delivery date to store – early March 2015
Rescue Tubes – anticipated delivery date to store – 15th January 2015

The above delivery dates have been changed by our Supplier and New Contractor and unfortunately are all out of our control. PHONE ENQUIRES TO SHOP – SLSA will be closed from Monday 24th December returning Wednesday 7th January 2015.

Happy Christmas and a Safe and New Year to all

If you are having problems, please consult the FAQ located here.

Club Store News

This is a brand new store and previous username and passwords no longer work (set up prior to 1 August 2015). Full details of the change to the club store can be found in Circular 15 which was distributed to clubs officials. To view it, click on the link to the right: Circular 15 SLSA Club Online Store

Username: All usernames are the first part of your email address prior to the @ symbol. If you have a generic email address you will be assigned a number – i.e. admin01.

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