October 16-25, 2020



The Virtual Coolangatta Gold is an opportunity for you to do as much of the Long (41.8km) or Short (21km) Course as you want.

This is Your Gold, Your Way, Your Challenge – for example, you could complete the 9.3km run leg at home on a treadmill, the 23km ski leg on a rowing machine or the 3.5km swim leg in your backyard pool. ​Or have a friend do one leg each and connect as a team.

Or you could go to your local beach and do the 6.1km board leg or 3.5km swim leg. Or for those on the Gold Coast, you could head to Coolangatta and paddle your ski from Coolangatta to Miami to reach the 23km.​

Whatever your circumstances the notion of completing a leg of the Coolangatta Gold, or the entire Long or Short Course, is achievable and inclusive, this is Your Gold, Your Way, Your Challenge!

Any questions check out the FAQ’s at the bottom of the page or email the SLSA Events team [email protected]



Three time Coolangatta Gold champion and Gold Coast local Courtney Hancock knows a thing or two about the Coolie Gold Challenge.

In this quick, three part series, Courtney shares her VCG training tips, race secrets and provides some local’s advice to everyone taking on their Virtual Coolangatta Gold Challenge and planning on experiencing the Gold Coast.


Long Course

Complete the entire Long Course OR complete one, two, or three legs of the Long Course.

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Short Course

Complete the entire Short Course OR complete one, two, or three legs of the Short Course.

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Youth Challenge

Complete the entire Youth Challenge.

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Your Gold, Your Way, Your Challenge

Once you have selected which leg/s of the Long or Short Course you are going to complete, select the way in which you will complete your challenge. You are encouraged to be as creative as you want to get the course complete, remember it is Your Gold, Your Way, Your Challenge.


The Virtual Coolangatta Gold features over 770 participants from 17 countries. Not only will you be going up against entrants from Australia and New Zealand, but some of the top surf sports competitors from across the world have made their own Virtual Coolangatta Gold Challenges.


1. Register

Further information on how you submit your time will be sent to you in an email once you have registered.


2. Record your challenge

Complete your chosen course challenge between October 16-25 and record your challenge with your phone/smartwatch/stopwatch.

3. Celebrate your challenge

You may not be at Coolangatta with spectators cheering you over the line, but remember to take some time to reflect on your accomplishment and celebrate the challenge you have just taken on!

Take some photos/videos and upload your results.  Share your efforts on social media using the hashtag #VCG20 to inspire others.



Can anyone enter the Virtual Coolangatta Gold?

This virtual event is open to all SLSA members and the general public. Members and the public enter this event at their own risk.

When is the Virtual Coolangatta Gold?

You can complete your challenge at any time or date between 12:01am, Friday October 16 to 11:59pm, Sunday October 25 2020 (AEDT).

How much does it cost to register?

Free Entry.  Each participant will receive an official Coolangatta Gold competition lycra.  We no longer have any lycras left!

Please note: Packages will be sent prior to the competition days and should be received before 16 October.  Overseas registrations made after 9 October will not be sent a lycra as it will not arrive in time for the event start date.  Registrations from Australia made after 12 October you will not be sent a lycra as it will not arrive in time for the start of the event.

I don't live in Australia, can I still enter?

Yes, this event is open to everyone, anywhere in the world.

Please Note: You will need to make sure you log your results between 12:01am, Friday October 16 – 11:59pm, Sunday October 25 2020 (AEDT), so make sure to adjust to your own time zone.

Is there an age limit?

The Virtual Coolangatta Gold is for anyone 10 years and up. If you are under 16, we advise you to have a parent or guardian when completing the event. A parent or guardian will need to fill in the registration for you.  No member is permitted to compete in the surf ski leg until they are 16 years of age as of the 30 September, 2020, please refer to the surf sports manual for more information or email [email protected] if you do not have access to the Surf Sports Manual.

* Competitors must be a minimum of 15 years of age to be eligible to compete in swim, board or run legs in a team event and 16 years of age to be eligible to compete in the ski leg of a team event.

Can I enter as a team?

Yes, you can enter as a team, minimum 2 members, maximum 4. You do not need to complete the challenge together, each leg will be timed as an individual so feel free to encourage your friends from other states or countries to be a part of your team. When entering you just need to enter your team name and the names and details of the people in your team.

Please refer to your state COVID restrictions if you want to do the challenge with a group of friends in Australia.

Can I complete my challenge over multiple days?

You can complete your challenge, your way!

If you complete the entire Long Course in one go then great please note you will need to time each leg individually and not include your transitions. Or if you would prefer, you can do your run leg one day, your ski leg the next and then your swim leg after. The Virtual Coolangatta Gold in Your Gold, Your Challenge, Your Way.

How do I track my virtual challenge and upload my results?

Once you have registered you will be sent a link on how to upload your times.

Due to the complexity of this event, you will need to time/track your own time through a smart phone/ stopwatch or however you would normally time your training. There is no app that can track all the different legs in all the different environments and give fair times. MultiSport, who provide our timing and tracking technology for the live Coolangatta Gold, will be supporting SLSA with their expertise.

Do I have to wear hi-vis lycra?

Yes! All competitors must wear a hi-vis lycra when participating in the Virtual Coolangatta Gold.

As part of your entry you will receive a free FINZ lycra, which we encourage all participants to wear while competing in the virtual event.  If you register after 9 October you will not receive a lycra as it will not arrive in time.

How do I upload a video or photo of myself completing the challenge?

We encourage competitors to share their photos and/or videos via their social media accounts, using the #VCG20 hashtag. We would also love for people to send in their videos and photos through to the SLSA National Events Team at [email protected].

I live near Coolangatta, can I do the actual course?

Yes, you are welcome to complete the actual course on your own. Please note that there will not be any aid stations, water safety, medical support or any other event set up.

Please ensure that you are following the Queensland Government Guidelines for COVID-19 when completing your challenge from Coolangatta.

Can I complete the challenge at home?

Yes; there are certain legs that you can do at home. You can run on a treadmill or row on a rowing machine if you have the equipment at home, or swim in your back yard pool

Is there a time limit for the challenge?

There is no time limit, you can choose your challenge and do it at your own pace.However, your challenge must be completed between 16 October and 25 October 2020.

Are there any finisher rewards?

You can download our finishers certificate upon completion of your challenge.

Will there be awards for the winner of each challenge and age categories?

There will be no awards – just bragging rights and the chance to get a shout out via our social media channels! Don’t forget to use the #VCG20 hashtag.

Are there any rules associated with the challenge?

  • For the Ski component of the challenge, please note the age restrictions as outlined in the Surf Sports Manual apply. No member is permitted to compete in surf ski competition until they are in the U17 age category (turning 15 years of age as of 30 September in a competition year.)
  • All results must be genuine times that indicate the time that it has taken you to complete a leg/the course. A screenshot of the timing device/smart watch used will need to be provided when entering your time via the secure URL address.
  • We will be sending you a FINZ lycra that we strongly recommend you wear when completing your challenge.

Can I complete the Long Course on my own?

Do not attempt to do the Long Course in one go unless you have done adequate training and you are thoroughly physically and mentally prepared.

We strongly advise that you have at least one handler with you to help with the transitions and you have access to adequate nutrition and medical supplies. Or do the challenge with a training partner, so you look out for each other.

We also recommend you tell a family member or friend your route and approximate time before you attempt the course. Remember you will not have the support of water safety or any other support that SLSA normally provide so please make the appropriate checks to ensure your safety.

I am having problems with my entry registration or entering my times.

Please email the SLSA National Events team [email protected].

Any other questions about the Virtual Coolangatta Gold?

Please email the SLSA National Events team [email protected].

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