The future of surf sports is here

The future of surf sports is here!

Taking place over six rounds, the Ocean6 Series is designed to bring the action and excitement of surf sports into the modern age.

Ocean6 combines the skills of an Olympic swimmer, with a world class track and field athlete and an ocean-faring ski and board paddler into one high-octane competition.

Athletes compete across six disciplines; Board Paddling, Open Ocean Swimming, Surf Ski, Taplin Relay, Beach Flags, and the flagship Nutri-Grain IronMan and IronWoman professional competition.

Events will run along the east coast of Australia from October 2018 through to February 2019.

With a significant pool of prize money up for grabs, the competition will be hotly contested by the best surf sport athletes in Australia, and the world.

    • Round One: 19th-21st October, NSW
    • Round Two: 9th-11th November, QLD
    • Round Three: 14th-16th December, NSW
    • Round Four: 11th-13th January, TBC
    • Round Five: 1st-3rd February, QLD
    • Round Six: 22nd-24th February, NSW


Find out more information about the Ocean6 Series click here.