About Bronze Medallion

The Bronze Medallion course provides participants with the skills and knowledge in order to be able to participate in Surf Life Saving patrol operations. This is the core award to be a surf lifesaver in Australia.

Course Outcomes:
  • Apply knowledge of the surf environment including hazards and surf conditions;
  • Apply surf skills and techniques for self-survival in the water while negotiating prevailing surf conditions with or without a flotation device;
  • Prepare for and respond to a rescue with appropriate rescue and personal protective equipment;
  • Participate in assessing a rescue scene;
  • Safely perform a rescue using appropriate equipment and rescue techniques while following Surf Life Saving procedures;
  • Conclude rescue operations in line with Surf Life Saving policies and procedures;
  • Safely use Surf Life Saving communications systems and radio equipment to support communications consistent with Surf Life Saving policies and procedures;
  • Apply fault-finding techniques and maintain Surf Life Saving radio equipment;
  • Respond to an emergency situation requiring cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR);
  • Perform a primary victim assessment including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and use of an automated external defibrillator (AED);
  • Respond to an emergency situation requiring first aid;
  • Perform a secondary victim assessment and apply appropriate first aid procedures;
  • Identify and manage victims with a suspected spinal cord injury;
  • Accurately report and convey first aid incident details to emergency response services while maintaining confidentiality of records and information in line with statutory and Surf Life Saving policies;
  • Communicate effectively using verbal and non-verbal communication techniques in line with Surf Life Saving policies and procedures;
  • Give, receive and act upon instructions within an agreed timeframe and to meet Surf Life Saving needs;
  • Take part in group discussions and informal meetings in a constructive way to facilitate Surf Life Saving outcomes;
  • Prepare and process routine written correspondence notes and records in line with Surf Life Saving policies and procedures;
  • Contribute to team activities to ensure they are completed to required standard within required timeframes and in accordance with organisational policies and procedures
  • Share knowledge and information with team members and Surf Life Saving committees to enable efficient completion of tasks in accordance with the Surf Life Saving's policies and procedures;
  • Give and receive support and feedback to/from team members and Surf Life Saving committees;
  • Manage and maintain your own work effectiveness;
  • Develop and maintain your own expertise;
  • Promote cooperation and contribute to improving Surf Life Saving and quality of outcomes;
  • Follow Surf Life Saving procedures for hazard identification and risk control;
  • Participate in group meetings to contribute to the management of workplace health and safety.
This course aligns to the nationally recognised qualification PUA20119 Certificate II in Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue) as well as the nationally recognised unit of competency HLTAID001 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

What qualifications and/or prerequisites do I need?

To undertake this role you need to hold or obtain the following qualifications and prerequisites:


There are no specific qualifications


There are no prerequisites

Other Requirements

To commence training for the Bronze Medallion you must:

  • Be a financial member of an SLS club;
  • Be at least 15 years of age on the final assessment date;
  • Complete an unaided swim of 400 m in 9 minutes or less (goggles and masks permitted) in a swimming pool of not less than 25 m, or over a measured open water course which will be observed prior to you undertaking any water training or assessment activities. Evidence of this must be provided to the assessor prior to commencement of the assessment for this qualification/SLSA award.
You will also need an everyday standard of language, literacy and numeracy skills to be able to:
  • Follow written, verbal and visual instructions;
  • Read and interpret a range of signs and symbols;
  • Read and interpret written information;
  • Make basic mathematical calculations to carry out everyday activities;
  • Keep accurate written records.

Recognition of prior learning

SLS members who believe they already possess some or all of the skills and knowledge of this award, or who have currency in one or more of the related units of competency, may wish to apply for recognition of prior learning (RPL) or credit transfer. Members who have previously completed the SLS Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) will be able to gain recognition for training and assessment already completed as part of the SRC. Contact your SLS club’s chief training officer or SLS state centre for more information.

How do I make it happen?

Contact your Surf Life Saving Club to find out more: https://sls.com.au/club_directory/

Other Opportunities Related to Bronze Medallion

Where can I grow from here?

Where to next?

You could progress to these participation opportunities from here:

Provides participants with the skills and knowledge to effectively crew an Inflatable Rescue Boat in surf rescue operations.

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Safely and effectively crew a Jet Rescue Boat in surf rescue operations.

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Safely and effectively crew an Offshore Rescue Boat in surf rescue operations.

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The Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Certificate (ARTC) teaches the principles of airway management and oxygen aided resuscitation.

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The Silver Medallion Aquatic Rescue provides participants with the skills and knowledge to participate in search and rescue operations

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The Spinal Management Certificate addresses the need to identify and manage victims with suspected spinal cord injuries in the aquatic environment.

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What other options might suit me?

If you can do this role but would like to use your skills in another area in our organisation here are some other options for you to consider:

Age managers are responsible for running activities for their group of nippers on the day, and encouraging children to learn and progress in their surf lifesaving activities.

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The role of the social committee is to actively engage and attract surf lifesaving club members to a series of social events held throughout the year. Designed to promote the building of long-lasting relationships and amazing memories, the social committee's role is to use creativity and passion to ensure a social element is maintained within the surf club’s culture.

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There are a wide range of opportunities available for members interested in participating in Surf Life Saving sport.

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The Surf Rescue Certificate provides participants with the skills and knowledge of basic patrolling and surf awareness in order to be able to participate in lifesaving operations and act in the role of Water Safety Personnel.

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