About Foundation Coach

Coaches of entry level participants actively participating in a club surf sport environment (recreationally or competitively). 

At the completion of this course coaches will be able to:
  1. Understand the role, legal obligations and ethical responsibilities of a Foundation Coach
  2. Identify risks associated with board, beach and swim activities and apply principles of risk management related to surf sports coaching
  3. Prepare a surf sports coaching session plan
  4. Select coaching methods and activities appropriate to participant needs and characteristics
  5. Safely conduct a surf sport coaching session, ensuring fun, learning and maximum participation through games and activities
  6. Utilise a range of communication skills and behaviour management strategies to help participants learn basic skills and tactics
  7. Develop strategies to build effective working relationships with parents, surf sports officials and club/event administrators
  8. Review coaching session and own performance to identify improvements

What qualifications and/or prerequisites do I need?

To undertake this role you need to hold or obtain the following qualifications and prerequisites:


There are no specific qualifications


There are no prerequisites

Other Requirements

Water based disciplines require the coach to have held or currently hold a bronze medallion.

How do I make it happen?

Coaching accreditation is managed by your State Centre. Contact the Surf Sports Manager at your State Centre. https://sls.com.au/state-centres/

Other Opportunities Related to Foundation Coach

Where can I grow from here?

Where to next?

You could progress to these participation opportunities from here:

The Development Coach course has been created to provide coaches with the knowledge and skills to effectively plan and deliver discipline specific coaching sessions with a particular focus on skill development. The Development Coach is an entry point as well as being the second stage of the Surf Life Saving Australian coaching pathway.

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Discipline specific coaches work with athletes to support the development and performances in specific disciplines – i.e. Board, Ski, Swim, Multi, Board Riding, Rescue and Resuscitation, Inflatable Rescue Boat, Pool Rescue, Surf Rescue / Lifesaving, Surf Boats, Beach Events.

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What other options might suit me?

If you can do this role but would like to use your skills in another area in our organisation here are some other options for you to consider:

Age managers are responsible for running activities for their group of nippers on the day, and encouraging children to learn and progress in their surf lifesaving activities.

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Officials enforce all the competition rules found in the Surf Sports Manual.

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Officials working with entry level participants in a club surf sport environment (recreationally or competitively). Participants will generally be non-bronze proficient. Core Officials need to understand the core elements of the Surf Sport environment and how this relates to officiating in junior surf sport (beach, board and swim) environments. This course provides a basic understanding of the key events conducted for junior level competitions. Core Officials are permitted to Officiate at any carnivals and competitions including State Championships where up to and including under 14 years age categories are conducted. There are four duties that they can carry out: Marshall, Recording Judge, Timekeeping Judge and Finish Judge. Core Officials will be supervised at competitions by a competent Technical (or above) accredited Official.

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