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About Fundraising Committee member

A surf lifesaving club’s fundraising committee plays a very important role. Surf club operations are costly and membership fees alone with simply not meet these costs. Surf clubs often undertake a broad number of fundraising activities yearly and it is the chair of the fundraising committee who will drive these activities.

  • Establishes fundraising goals in conjunction with the management committee
  • Encourages member participation in fundraising activities
  • Makes sure that legal requirements related to fundraising are fulfilled
  • Prepare and submit grant applications with committee
  • Prepare and present funding requests to municipal councils with president & treasurer
  • Seeks out & researches new fundraising ideas
  • Become familiar with and adhere to management committee policy

What qualifications and/or prerequisites do I need?

To undertake this role you need to hold or obtain the following qualifications and prerequisites:


This program is designed to assist personnel build leadership skills for use in their club environment.

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This program is designed for young people moving into leadership roles within their clubs.

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There are no prerequisites

Other Requirements

  • Ability to delegate tasks
  • Ability to communicate clearly
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Ability to use technology (create presentations and track data)
  • Ability to effectively coordinate volunteers

How do I make it happen?

Committee appointments are normally handled by clubs. Please speak to your local club administrators for further information. https://sls.com.au/club-directory/

Other Opportunities Related to Fundraising Committee member

Where can I grow from here?

Where to next?

You could progress to these participation opportunities from here:

The core roles of the club secretary are to provide the coordinating link between members, the committee, and external agencies and to manage day to day administrative activities of the club.

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Depending on the size of the surf club, club financial accounts are not complicated, so you don’t have to be an accountant to be a surf club treasurer.

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The core roles of the club vice president are to support the activities of the club president and to oversee the activities of committees.

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What other options might suit me?

If you can do this role but would like to use your skills in another area in our organisation here are some other options for you to consider:

The role of the social committee is to actively engage and attract surf lifesaving club members to a series of social events held throughout the year. Designed to promote the building of long-lasting relationships and amazing memories, the social committee's role is to use creativity and passion to ensure a social element is maintained within the surf club’s culture.

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Age managers are responsible for running activities for their group of nippers on the day, and encouraging children to learn and progress in their surf lifesaving activities.

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A surf lifesaver is a trained volunteer that patrols our beaches on the weekends. Becoming a surf lifesaver is satisfying, fun and rewarding. You can lead a fit and healthy lifestyle, become trained in aquatic safety skills, make new friends, compete in surf sports, and give something back to your local community. You may also help save someone’s life one day!

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