About Gear Steward

A gear steward looks after the condition and storage of club gear including boards, running and flags equipment, tents, buoys, tubes and junior lifeguard equipment.

  • Coordinate the correct assembly of gear and equipment for competition.
  • Coordinate the maintenance and repair of gear and equipment.
  • Responsible for the security and return of all gear and equipment.
  • Maintain a record of gear and equipment issued to relevant sections.
  • Supervise the relocation of gear and equipment to alternative venues.
  • Conduct an audit of gear and equipment for end of financial year/asset register.
  • Repair and replacement of new under the direction of the management committee.

What qualifications and/or prerequisites do I need?

To undertake this role you need to hold or obtain the following qualifications and prerequisites:


There are no specific qualifications


There are no prerequisites

Other Requirements

While there is no specific training required for this position, each individual surf life saving club will have its own induction process and safety procedures regarding the storage, distribution, and maintenance of gear and equipment.

How do I make it happen?

If you would like to become a gear steward, please contact your local surf life saving club. https://sls.com.au/club_directory/

Other Opportunities Related to Gear Steward

Where can I grow from here?

Where to next?

You could progress to these participation opportunities from here:

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What other options might suit me?

If you can do this role but would like to use your skills in another area in our organisation here are some other options for you to consider:

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Officials enforce all the competition rules found in the Surf Sports Manual.

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