About Safer Surf Clubs

The Safer Surf Clubs online course provides participants with tools to help them honour their legal and ethical duties to health and safety within surf clubs and while participating in any surf club activities.

Part 1—An Introduction to Health and Safety
  • contribute to the WHS responsibilities of your club safety officer, WHS representative and each SLSA member
  • locate the applicable legislation from your state/territory WHS regulator and relevant sources of information relating to WHS
  • provide advice to members about what safety training they must complete.
  Part 2—Risk Management Process and Club Safety Inspections
  • identify hazards
  • assess and prioritise risks
  • implement measures to control risks
  • monitor and review control measures
  • document the risk management process and report hazards
  • consult effectively with SLSA members and relevant stakeholders
  • follow workplace procedure for injury management
  • follow the steps to conduct a club health and safety inspection.
  Part 3—Common Hazards in the Surf Club Environment
  • develop, implement and revise emergency management plans relevant to your surf club
  • recognise and manage common hazards within the surf club environment.
  Part 4—Special Events and Event Safety
  • recognise the different categories of SLS special events that require SLS state/territory centre endorsement
  • recognise key considerations to make before deciding to hold or be involved in a special event
  • follow the SLS special event application process to complete and submit all relevant special event application documents within recommended time frames
  • monitor and promote event safety prior, during and after a special event
  • recognise the different safety criteria between land- and water-based events.

What qualifications and/or prerequisites do I need?

To undertake this role you need to hold or obtain the following qualifications and prerequisites:


There are no specific qualifications


There are no prerequisites

How do I make it happen?

Contact your State Centre to find out more: https://sls.com.au/club_directory/

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Where to next?

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What other options might suit me?

If you can do this role but would like to use your skills in another area in our organisation here are some other options for you to consider:

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