Club-based health and wellbeing programs for older Australians




Silver Salties is a physical activity and social connections initiative for older Australians designed by Surf Life Saving Australia in conjunction with Surf Life Saving Clubs and funded by Sport Australia’s Move It Aus – Better Ageing Grants Program.  Silver Salties is designed for older Australians, however people of all ages can participate.

Surf Life Saving Clubs can choose to deliver one or more of the 20 Silver Salties programs on offer which include accessible, friendly, safe and fun activities at the park, clubhouse, beach, pool and in the surf catering for older Australians’ diversity in age, weight, mobility, fitness or experience. SLSCs can choose Silver Salties programs to deliver that suit club capacity, setting and context, as well as participant interest.



Silver Salties provides opportunities:

  • For participants to increase physical activity levels safely to support their fitness, strength, balance and flexibility as well as connecting with others socially to enhance mental health and wellbeing.
  • For clubs to promote health and wellbeing among club members and the local community by engaging older Australians in physical activity and promoting social connections.



Silver Salties is made up of 20 programs to promote health and wellbeing among older Australians. Please note details for these programs are being finalised. Further information will be updated here soon.


Walk & Talk

Join the Walk & Talk group to do a coastal walk while talking with new and old friends.


Yoga & Mindfulness

Be mindful, stronger and more flexible using gentle yoga poses and stretches.


History & Horizons

Relax, enjoy the sea air, and gaze at the horizon while learning about surf lifesaving, indigenous and local histories.

Tai Chi & Meditation

Get fitter, have better balance and learn about meditation trying Tai Chi – an internal Chinese martial art practiced for defense training and health benefits.


First Aid

Learn basic First Aid, as well as resuscitation, to support others at home, at the beach or anywhere in between!.

Club Volunteering

Volunteer at the local Surf Life Saving Club by sharing your interests & expertise e.g. typing, fixing things, mentoring younger people, being an official at events, working the BBQ, supporting Nippers etc.

Wisdom & Wellbeing

Join the Wisdom and Wellbeing group where you can learn from guest speakers about the importance of physical activity, social connections, health and well-being.

Chair Aerobics

Increase your range of movement, muscle tone, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and social connections through movements to music from the comfort of a chair.



Learn about lifesaving including a tour of the patrol areas, beach safety knowledge, surf skills, radio operator skills and more.

Beach Fitness

Get fitter and stronger on the beach including a circuit of moderate, strength, balance and flexibility exercises.

Social Club

Join the Social Club for fun physical activity on the beach e.g. bocce, kites, cricket, sand darts, stone skimming, frisbee, followed by a social event e.g. BBQ

Beach Surf Sports

Participate in modified beach surf sports including fast running, relays, flags, wading activities and running-based games.


Gentle Pool Exercises

Do low-impact exercises in the pool such as walking, stretching and modified aqua aerobics.

Swimming Skills

Enter and exit a pool safely, floating techniques, how to move safely in the pool and how to do a range of swim strokes.

Pool Rescues

Do modified pool rescue techniques including line throw, tube rescue and brick carry.

Pool Swim Group

Join the weekly Pool Swim group to increase your cardiovascular endurance, strength and flexibility. .


Surf Swim Group

Join the weekly Surf Swimming Group to increase your physical fitness and social connections.

Surf Swimming

Be a more confident surf swimmer including; how to read surf conditions, do entries and exits, wade in the water, body surf and swim in the ocean.

Catching Waves

Catch waves including body surfing, body boarding, catching waves etiquette and general surf safety.


Surf Rescues

Do a Tube Rescue and a Board Rescue (simulation/ scenarios) in calm water and where appropriate, in surf conditions.



Program finder coming soon.



Silver Salties has been designed for older Australians but welcomes participants of all ages.

To register your interest to participate in a Silver Salties program complete the form in the link below.

We will notify your local Surf Life Saving Club about your enquiry and work with them to explore opportunities to launch programs to match your interest.

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Silver Salties is available for all affiliated Surf Life Saving Clubs across Australia to pilot. As well as launching new programs, clubs can also incorporate existing activities within Silver Salties (new programs will need to meet critia). Seed grants are available to support clubs that are running programs during the pilot period.

To pilot Silver Salties at your club, register your details below.