SLS 2020 Strategic Plan

Zero preventable deaths in Australian waters.

We save lives, create great Australians, and build better communities.

1. Extend lifesaving coverage to match community needs2. Develop our people3. Ensure a relevant & growing movement4. Engage the community to participate & donate
1.1 Optimise our resources to always be ‘rescue ready’

1.2 Apply evidence-based research to determine community water safety requirement

1.3 Enhance and integrate coastal risk management systems

1.4 Promote SLSA as the peak coastal water safety body

1.5 Incorporate SLS services into the local, state and national emergency management systems

1.6 Support ILS development activities, particularly through the Asia–Pacific region.
2.1 Provide and promote the opportunities and pathways in SLS to motivate our members

2.2 Provide ongoing leadership opportunities to our people

2.3 Provide efficient, relevant and flexible learning opportunities

2.4 Develop our participation initiatives, including surf sports

2.5 Provide opportunities for our members to participate in activities, including through ILS.
3.1 Protect, manage and promote the SLS brand to drive internal and external support

3.2 Utilise evidence-based research to inform development and implementation of safe practices

3.3 Develop effective strategic and operational alignment across all levels

3.4 Ensure sound environment practices at all levels

3.5 Implement efficiencies across the movement

3.6 Understand community expectations of involvement via engagement.
4.1 Promote and celebrate SLS positive contribution to Australian society

4.2 Promote SLS as an organisation in need

4.3 Provide opportunities and encourage community, corporate partners and stakeholders to actively participate in SLS

4.4 Grow revenue from corporate partners and government sectors

4.5 Proactively and transparently communicate how all funds raised are used.

  • No drowning deaths between the red and yellow flags

  • Community needs quantified through Total Service Plan (TSP)

  • Coastal drowning in Australia reduced by 50 per cent by 2020

  • Service delivery measured with delivery reflecting need

  • All state entities are included in state/territory emergency management systems.

  • Learning opportunities equip our people with the skill set to support the achievement of our vision

  • SLS has a participation pathway that generates sustained membership levels to support community outcomes

  • Boards/senior management at the national, state, branch and club levels are representative of the movement and community make-up e.g., Gender and CALD.

  • SLS IP protected through application of existing IP legislation for unauthorised use.

  • Liquidity ratio remains positive.

  • SLS states sign and participate in memorandum of understanding (MOU) agreeing fundraising and national corporate partnership parameters.

  • SLS strategic plans are aligned at national, state and club level.

  • National and state risk and compliance registers are current and reported.

  • Safety of our people remains first and foremost.

  • Non-government revenue increases annually

    • National community fund raising campaign secures $1 million/annum by 2020
    • Annual increase in non-government revenue of up to 5 per cent per year
    • SLS donors increase by 3 per cent annually
  • SLSA reports on distribution of funds transparently across the movement annually through owned and earned channels

  • Brand awareness and economic impact increases annually.

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