Corporate Services


The Corporate Services portfolio is responsible for governance, risk management, finance, human resources and information technology (IT). During the past year, regular risk management group meetings have been held with compliance and risk registers updated and presented to the Finance Audit and Compliance Committee monthly. A risk appetite continuum was developed and is now in place. IT completed a number of enhancements as outlined within this report.

In addition, SLSA commenced investigating a whole of movement digital strategy. Significant progress has been made with initial investigations completed by Deloitte Consulting following detailed consultation with various areas of the movement including directors, employed staff and volunteers.


The SLS NICTU provides a range of services to the organisation as well as to the SLSA Office. The Business and IT support operation is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year to ensure that volunteers and administrators can obtain assistance and support when required. In the last season alone, the team have successfully dealt with more than 14,000 individual support requests from club officers, administrators, patrol members, and duty officers.

Our range of services are extensive, covering sophisticated web based applications, websites, apps, connections between and to other systems, and extending through to the provision of training and support across our vast array platforms.

Some major NICTU highlights of the season include:

  • The Sport Event Management System (SEMS) has been released into production.
  • Released new Beachsafe App and push notifications.
  • Patrol App Android version released June 2016 and iOS version released February 2017.
  • Online Forms released to production including special events form and online complaints handling form.
  • Surf Hazard Rating for beach events released to production.
  • Upgrade to a new payment gateway.


During 2016-17, SLSA’s team of paid staff has continued to collectively demonstrate dedication and commitment to the national organisation. The majority of the staff work in Sydney, with a number of others based in other states. Following the sale of the Rosebery building, all staff were relocated to Surf House at Bondi.

SLSA continues to place significant prioritisation on developing and implementing people development strategies, ensuring we are enhancing our work environment and workplace practices for our staff.

The Workforce Transition Plan and business plan strategies that have been implemented in 2016/17 include:

  • Continued development of the SLSA Internal Professional Development Strategy and Internal all staff training needs analysis.
  • Revised on boarding procedures.
  • Simplified position descriptions based on three main responsibility areas.

SLSA conducts an annual employee satisfaction survey. The outputs from this survey are used to identify areas of improvement.

SLSA will continue to focus on embedding the SLSA values and behaviours into everyday business initiatives in 2017/18.

Our organisational structure can be found at the end of this section. Staff in State centres and branches report to their own Boards and management teams and are therefore not included in this section.


We seek to remunerate our employees consistent with the not-for-profit sector and our formal research indicates that salaries offered are in line with those offered by similar organisations. Our remuneration includes fringe benefit packages which allow us, within Australian Taxation Office guidelines, to provide a proportion of an employee’s income as a tax-exempt fringe benefit.

Performance reviews and individiual development plans

All employees participate in formal annual performance reviews. These are complemented by regular progress meetings with their manager throughout the year.

Each employee has an individual performance development plan for the year which aligns to the business plan key performance indicators (KPIs). The individual plans also focus on enhancing the behaviours and competencies of each employee which includes the identification of personal/professional development opportunities. SLSA allocates an amount within the annual budget for professional development for staff.

Workplace relations

Our staff operates under an enterprise agreement which covers general terms and conditions of employment and provides the flexibility to deal with non-standard work hours.

The nature of Surf Life Saving activities requires significant amounts of weekend work and under the terms of the agreement, our employees are entitled to time-in-lieu for work undertaken on weekends. We have monthly staff meetings where any employment related issues that affect all staff are discussed. 27% of SLSA staff access formal flexible working arrangements.

Staff turnover

Staff turnover during the past year has seen an increase of 5% (2 FTE) from 2015/16. SLSA has several strategies within the annual business plan which focus on increasing employee satisfaction rates, and the
development of and implementation of retention strategies.

Staff Statistics


F/T FTEP/T FTECasualFixed term ContractsOverall FTETurnoverGenderTenure (45%)F – 61% M - 39%2.7 yrs


F/T FTEP/T FTECasualFixed term ContractsOverall FTETurnoverGenderTenure
251.811442.617 (40%)F – 63% M - 37%2.7 yrs

Equal opportunity

SLSA meets all legislative requirements in terms of equal opportunity and a bias-free workplace.

Work health and safety

For the most part our employees work in normal business office conditions and are not exposed to any undue hazards. We have consistently promoted a healthy and safe work environment, which is ergonomically sound. There were no Workcover claims during the year.

SLSA provides staff with work health and safety and risk management training and completed all fire safety warden training requirements. SLSA provides an Employee Assistance Program for all employees.

Many of our staff are also volunteer surf lifesavers and from time to time are engaged in high-risk activities. In these situations, they are protected by the full range of SLSA policies and insurances that apply to all members.

Organisational Chart (Click chart to enlarge)


Peter George AM
General Manager, Corporate Services

SLSA Operations – Corporate Services