Super Surf Teams League

A carnival style competition featuring the next generation of Australia’s surf sports stars


The Super Surf Teams League is a brand-new surf carnival style competition featuring three rounds of intense surf sport team events.

Thirteen teams from across Australia will compete in the inaugural 2019 season as curtain raisers for rounds three to five of the Nutri-Grain IronMan and IronWoman Series.

Comprising of four male and four female athletes, Super Surf Teams will compete in Ski, Swim, Board and Beach events, as well as the mixed team Ocean Life Saver Relay.

Round 1 – 1 December 2019 – Bulli, NSW (Round 3 of Nutri-Grain Iron Series)

SSTL Round One Results

Round 2* – 15 December 2019 – Surfers Paradise, QLD (Round 4 of Nutri-Grain Iron Series)

Round 3 – 19 January 2020 – North Cronulla, NSW (Final round of Nutri-Grain Iron Series)

* Round 2 will be broadcast Sunday 22 December on Fox Sports, 2-4pm AEDT


TeamRound 1Overall
QLD Country Canecutters13313
Scarborough Sunsets11012
Northern Beaches Rays10611
Sunshine Coast Marlins10310
Sydney City Sharks999
Point Danger Seawolves958
South Coast Makos927
Victoria Blues906
Hunter Central Coast Orcas895
Broome Pearlers784
NSW Country Dolphins773
Margaret River Waves672
SA Reds441
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Within each round, all races will be allocated points on a 13 to one basis. 1st – 13 points, 2nd – 12 points down to 13th – one point etc.

If a competitor or a team fails to start, fails to finish or is disqualified in a race, they will receive no points for that race.

At the conclusion of each Round, all teams will then be ranked from 13 to one based on the aggregate point score for that Round. The team with the highest ranking will then be awarded 13 points, 2nd – 12 points, down to 13th – one point.

The team with the highest amount of points at the end of the final round will be declared the winner, and recieve the inaugural Super Surf Teams League Trophy.


NSW Country Dolphins NSWFinn Askew (Newport)

Isaac Smith (Newport)

Beau Wheeler (Bulli)

Sam Zustovich (Mollymook)

Zara Sharman (Bulli)

Ela Heiniger (Byron Bay)

Lily O’Sullivan (Cudgen Headland)

Payton Williams (Mollymook)

Coach Jim Walker
Hunter Central Coast Orcas NSWNicholas Stoddart (Swansea Belmont)

Bailey Johns (Umina)

Kye Taylor (Swansea Belmont)

Blake Drysdale (Newport)

Nicola Owen (Redhead)

Jasmine Locke (Bulli)

Bella Williams (Cooks Hill)

Nicole Majsak (Ocean Beach)

Coach Jim Walker
Northern Beaches Rays NSWZach Morris (Newport)

Harrison Stone (Manly)

Oscar Jones (Manly)

Jake Lynch (Newport)

Emily Doyle (Newport)

Madison Spencer (Newport)

Madison Louw (Newport)

Isabellah Walker (Cronulla)

Coach Jim Walker
Sydney City Sharks NSWNoah Harvard (North Bondi)

Chris King (Elouera)

Timothy Ford (Cronulla)

Clayton Beranek (Wanda)

Taylar Puskaric (Wanda)

Carla Papac (Wanda)

Elyssa Pierce (Wanda)

Alexandra Rampoldi (North Cronulla)

Coach Jim Walker
Point Danger Sea Wolves QLDKy Kinsella (Currumbin)

Corey Fletcher (Currumbin)

Adam Palmer (Maroochydore)

Keiran Gordon (Currumbin)

Ruby Nolan (BMD Northcliffe)

Jayde Hardstaff (Currumbin)

Hayley Cox (Currumbin)

Elizabeth Forsyth (Currumbin)

Coach Kurt Wilson
Queensland Country Canecutters

Matthew Gilling (Burleigh Heads Mowbray Park)

Rhys Burrows (Alexandra Headland)

Jett Kenny (Alexandra Headland)

Sam Ross (Kurrawa)

Eli Halliday (Alexandra Headland)

Emma Woods (Alexandra Headland)

Lucinda Kelly (Alexandra Headland)

Taylor Stickler (Kurrawa)

Coach Sam Dick
South Coast Makos

Toby Wilson (Mermaid Beach)

Tex Dixon (Surfers Paradise)

Simon Murfett (Mermaid Beach)

Jason Gough (BMD Northcliffe)

Jade Slee (Mermaid Beach)

Brodee Trinca (Southport)

Amy Barron (Mermaid Beach)

Bree Masters (Kurrawa)

Coach Mike Janes
Sunshine Coast Marlins QLDSam Short (Maroochydore)

Campbell Guthrie (Alexandra Headland)

James Porter (Alexandra Headland)

Lachlan Alleyene (Kurrawa)

Tayla Halliday (Alexandra Headland)

Olivia Heaton (Alexandra Headland)

Tiarnee Massie (Maroochydore)

Nicole Kay (Kawana Waters/Kurrawa)

Coach Nathan Grieg
Broome Pearlers

Matthew Lloyd (North Cottesloe)

Courtney Franz (Cottesloe)

Brittany Huitenga (City of Perth)

Jacqueline Lord (City of Perth)

Devon Caren (Trigg Island)

Harriet Brown (North Cottesloe)

Jazmin Shipway Carr (Trigg Island)

Kelton Mulvay (Trigg Island)

Will Savage (Trigg Island)

Neve Macleod (Mullaloo)

Ella Packer (Sorrento)

Ruby Warne (Trigg Island)

Sophie Lloyd (City of Perth)

Harry Hewitt (City of Perth)

Wesley Gould (Kurrawa/Mullaloo)

Coach Claire Rafferty
Margaret River Waves

Charlie Rigby (Sorrento)

Thomas Nolan (North Cottesloe)

Sydney Rafferty (Sorrento)

Julia Dwyer (City of Perth)

Stephen Bird (North Cottesloe)

Todd Brewer (Surfers Paradise / Trigg Island)

Paige Wood (Trigg Island)

Matthew Coliss (City of Perth)

Nikita Fredonnet (Trigg Island)

Sophie Lloyd (City of Perth)

Jake Smith (Trigg Island)

Harry Hewitt (City of Perth)

Soraya Lee (Mullaloo)

Coach Claire Rafferty
Scarborough Sunsets

Jackson Symonds (Sorrento)

Charlie Rigby (Sorrento)

Sydney Rafferty (Sorrento)

Gabrielle Murphy (City of Perth)

Daniel Humble (Trigg Island)

Wesley Gould (Kurrawa / Mullaloo)

Jamie Roberts (Newport / Mullaloo)

Ceris Graham (Trigg Island)

Patrick Eley (Trigg Island)

Nikita Fredonnet (Trigg Island)

Max Anderson-Jake (City of Perth)

Jake Smith (Trigg Island)

Jade Mickle (Currumbin / City of Perth)

Coach Claire Rafferty
SA Reds Calum Scrivens (Grange)

Patrick Cobiac (Brighton)

Cooper Bristow (Christies Beach)

Tom May (Seacliff)

Cloe Griffiths (Seacliff)

Kayla Roe (Grange)

Tash Bedford (Aldinga Bay)

Caitriona O’Leary (Glenelg)

Coach Shannon Eckstein
VIC Blues

Maddy Hurst (Half Moon Bay)

Daniel Lopez Garza (Half Moon Bay)

Matt Hardiman (Warrnambool)

Shane Ryan (Half Moon Bay)

Sophie Thomas (Warrnambool))

Grace Harris (Torquay)

Saxson Davidson (Altona)

Hayley Openshaw (Altona)

Jorden Merrilees (Torquay)

Jesse Coulson (Ocean Grove)

Mia Spencer (Hampton)

Coach Cliff Goulding